Our Rentals

Explore the many beautiful sites around Seldovia on a private bike or golf cart

Golf Cart Rentals

A great way for your family to explore Seldovia when your time is limited. Experience the best of Seldovia with the freedom and flexibility of your own private golf cart. 

Our 4 & 6 seater golf carts are easy to drive. They provide a great option for families with small children and people with physical limitations, offering you more freedom to explore. Carts are for town use and can only go as far as Outside Beach.  They are not allowed to go on Jakolof Bay Road.

Bike Rentals

Explore the many beautiful sites around Seldovia on a private bike! Our rentals will help you have a unique experience moving in and around town, visiting our beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and stunning backdrops.  Enjoy the charming village of Seldovia.
Rental Basics

When planning your outings, keep these things in mind:

  • Rentals are available for partial and full days
  • Renters must be over the age of 21 with a valid Drivers License. Children are not allowed to drive the golf carts.
  • Service fees are non-refundable
  • Carts are NOT ALLOWED past Outside Beach (they can not go on Jakoloff Bay Road)
Adventure All Day With a Boxed Lunch 

Many of our guests opt for our nourishing, grazing box, to picnic with on the golf cart ride, bike ride, or paddle trip. Whatever outdoor activity you choose, make it easy on yourself by ordering lunch to go!

The grazing boxes include:

  • gourmet sandwich
  • seasonal fruit
  • freshly baked pastry
  • beverage 
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